We can offer producers of food in all aspects of the value chain tailor-made solutions as needed.


We have a well-equipped full-scale bakery with extended analysis options.

We are your neutral partner and can offer:

  • Experience-based knowledge and relevant research
  • Commodity knowledge
  • Extensive mill technology
  • Grain/cereal chemistry
  • A broad analysis platform for functional characteristics
  • Bake technology
  • Well-equipped full-scale bakery
  • Optimization and customization of recipes
  • Product development
  • Product quality
  • Vocational courses
  • Opportunity for tailor-made solutions as needed and project management

The bakery together with our skilled baker, our researchers and engineers provide us with a broad and unique platform for research projects and product development. We can offer Norwegian agriculture and food manufacturers in all aspects of the value chain tailor-made solutions as needed.

In more detail, this question deals with baking and dough properties, protein and gluten quality, physical and chemical product characteristics (functional characteristics) as well as texture and taste of quality products. The bakery is linked to mills, sifting and processing equipment. This equipment allows you to develop new and healthier grain products.

Examples of activities

  • Gluten-free
  • Bread with high fibre content and the right quality focusing on cereal beta-glucan.
  • Salt reduction
  • Use of sour dough
  • All product categories in bakery


  • Pin Mill without air classifier with nitrogen gas (N2)
  • Brabender Extruder food grade
  • Dough mixer
  • Dough moulding machine
  • Dough forming machine
  • Pizza owen
  • Bread cutter
  • Fan oven
  • Ball Mill
  • Flaking machine
  • Siving Machine
  • Dehulling machine
  • Roller Mill
  • Bran finisher
  • Stone Mill

The pilot plants at Ås

The bakery is part of Nofima’s pilot plants at Ås, which also consists of packaging hall, vegetable hall, fish hall, meat hall and patogen pilot plant. These pilot plants are a venue for research, innovation, product development, courses, networks and teaching.


The Nofima Pilot Plants at Ås are part of the National Research Infrastructure FoodPilotPlant Norway. It also includes the process facilities at NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences).

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