The highly skilled employees at the Feed Technology Centre work in a conscientious and focused manner (photo: Bjørn Erik Larsen/Nofima)

Feed Technology Centre

In our facility we offer the best solutions to develop and test new ingredients and feeds. We have extensive knowledge in technology and raw materials, and highly skilled scientists.

Contact person
Portrettbilde av Odd Helge Romarheim
Odd Helge Romarheim

Feed Technology Manager, Scientist
Phone: +47 917 23 867

Nofima offers:

  • Production of experimental feeds
  • Testing of new ingredients
  • Development of feeds for new aquaculture species
  • Optimisation of processes
  • Laboratory testing of physical feed quality
  • Everything from the processing of ingredients to biological experiments with fish.

The Feed Technology Centre collaborates closely with the industry, and undertakes research commissioned by both Norwegian and international customers. Our largest customers include ingredient suppliers, supplement producers, aquaculture operators, feed manufacturers, and research and educational institutes.

The infrastructure at the Feed Technology Centre is central also in the “Aquafeed Technology Centre“. This is a national R&D platform funded by the Research Council of Norway, that Nofima has established in collaboration with the University of Bergen and Norce.


It is possible to use our process equipment to produce feed in small and medium-sized batches, and to carry out controlled processing studies. We are an independent body, and all commissions are carried out under commercial confidentiality.

The Feed Technology Centre at Nofima has the knowledge and infrastructure required to develop the ingredients and feeds of the future. There is a huge need for new and sustainable raw materials. For this reason, up-to-date knowledge and infrastructure are essential to carry out research and develop new raw materials and feeds, and to ensure that the results are relevant for end-users.

The complete value chain

Nofima takes care of everything from the processing of ingredients to biological experiments with fish. Developing ingredients and feeds requires multidisciplinary expertise in such fields as ingredient processing, feed technology, nutrition and product quality. Nofima has the required expertise, and we understand the complete value chain, which enables us to increase the use of existing and new feed raw materials.

New feeds

In addition to experimental feeds for salmon, we can develop everything from brood feed to special feeds. Examples of special feeds are those used for species such as crab, lobster, sea urchin and wrasse.

Visiting/delivery address:

Nofima Fôrteknologisenteret
Kjerreidviken 16
NO-5141 Fyllingsdalen

Postal address:

Nofima AS
Postboks 1425 Oasen
NO-5844 Bergen

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