We help companies and research partners to develop prototype products (photo: Bjørn Erik Larsen/Nofima).

Equipment for ingredient development based on biological materials

We have the expertise and equipment needed to develop and formulate ingredients based on biological materials, and to adapt such material for use in foods, feed and technical areas.

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Nofima offers:

  • broad expertise within process technology and chemical processing
  • a wide range of process equipment
  • reactors and unit-based operations at scales from 1 to 200 litres
  • technology testing in collaboration with equipment suppliers
  • optimalisation based on statistical methodology
  • characterisation of physical and chemical properties
  • costing and help with scaling up
  • technical consultancy and troubleshooting

The development of ingredients based on biological material starts with harvesting or capture of the material and includes process steps such as:

  • preservation
  • enzymatic and chemical conversion
  • centrifugation
  • particle and membrane filtration
  • chromatography
  • extraction
  • adsorption
  • molecular distillation
  • mechanical dewatering
  • evaporation
  • drying
  • grinding

The end product is typically a liquid concentrate, oil, powder or granulate. We offer equipment suitable for laboratory-scale or pilot-scale production.

Process and product development

We help companies and research partners to develop prototype products. In our research facilities we can test alternative technologies and optimise both the process and the product. We also offer advanced physical and chemical methods for the characterisation of intermediates and end products.

The ingredients developed can be tested in foods and feed, in collaboration with other research groups at Nofima. At NAMAB – the National Facility for Marine Bioprocessing – we can also offer production at a semi-industrial scale, and test-production of commercial batches.

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