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Biotep - National Facility for Marine Bioprocessing

In our flexible mini-factory high technology companies can test and optimize their processes to extract all desired components from marine- and plant-based biomass.

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Portrettbilde av Ragnhild Dragøy
Ragnhild Dragøy

Research Director
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We offer:

  • Industrial scale test production
  • Process and technology development and optimization
  • Scale-up of laboratory research
  • Production costs estimates
  • Market and consumer analysis and evaluation of product
  • Companies can rent the facilities for periodical small scale production
  • The facilities can be used for research and educational purposes

Bioprocessing involves the use of biological components (yeast, enzymes etc.) in the treatment of various raw materials to yield other products such as proteins, peptides and oils.

Biotep was opened in 2013 and is designed to be a mini-factory where high technology companies may receive help to transfer promising research from the laboratory into advanced products on a larger scale.

Test productions

At Biotep, companies can perform test productions based on their own processes and technology. Nofima can also collaborate with the companies in the development of these processes and technology. Smaller companies can rent the facility to perform periodical or regular production.

At Biotep companies can test their production on a larger scale without the risk of large investments.  From the test production, a cost estimate can be made and a product prototype can be tested in the market.

In addition to commercial use, the facility is intended for use in research and for educational purposes.

Experienced researchers

Biotep is located close to the laboratories and scale-up hall at the Nofima headquarters in Tromsø. Nofima can offer extensive experience in the development and scale-up of bioprossesing methods and has all necessary equipment for bioprocessing a large variety of biomass.

Each type of biomass requires an optimized process in order to extract all desired components; water soluble, fat soluble and solids. Components produced are typically fish-, bone-, shell meal, purified oils, protein concentrate, small molecular components, bioactive peptides and ash.  At Nofima, processes are optimized on a lab scale and scaled up through a step-wise process to yield small industrial scale.

At NAMAB companies can take the step from the laboratory to large scale production.

At Biotep companies can take the step from the laboratory to large scale production. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen/Nofima

Various biomass

The Biotep processing plant is designed to receive most types of marine biomass, either pre-processed or raw/unprocessed.BioTep is designed to be very flexible, allowing each company to design their process to exactly meet their needs.

Biotep handles and processes a variety of raw materials into commercial products.

Films about Biotep

The Biotep facilities include:

  • Handling of a large variety of biomass
  • reactors for hydrolysis
  • separators, two/three phase
  • liquid phase separation
  • purification of lipids
  • water filtration (ultra/micro, nano, reverse osmosis)
  • concentration, evaporators
  • mill dryer, hot air
  • spray dryer
  • powder handling
  • packaging
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