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In-line process and product control using spectroscopy and multivariate calibration

Sahni, Narinder Singh; Aastveit, Are Halvor; Næs, Tormod

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Journal: Journal of QualityTechnology, vol. 37, p. 1–20–20, 2005

Issue: 1

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Printed: 0022-4065

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The quality of a product is dynamic in nature and develops over time. We present a case study from the food industry in which the concept of measuring the end-product quality is extended to incorporate the shelf-life period of the product with practical examples showing the harm of ignoring the changes that occur in the product quality as a function of time. The article also addresses the use of in-line spectroscopy to relate the variations in the input parameters, such as the raw materials, and the process variables to the final product quality over the entire shelf-life of the product. We also discuss multivariate statistical process control and monitoring issues.