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Predicting Changes in Oxygen Concentration in the Headspace of Nitrogen Flushed Packaging Technolog and Science

Larsen, Hanne; Kohler, Achim; Magnus, Ellen Merethe

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Journal: Packaging technology & science, vol. 15, p. 139–143–5, 2002

Issue: 3

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0894-3214
Electronic: 1099-1522

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Ambient Oxygen Ingress Rate method (AOIR) is an alternative/supplementary method to Ox-Tran for measuring the oxygen transmission rates of packages. The AOIR method facilitates high capacity testing of packages under realistic food storage conditions on the one hand, and provides on the other hand the possibility to predict the oxygen concentration over time in the packages flushed with nitrogen at the time of packaging. The predicted oxygen concentration values showed good agreement with experimental values for flexible packages stored over a period of 91 days at 23 and 38C. The prediction of the oxygen concentration in nitrogen flushed packages may be a useful tool e.g. in shelf life studies, in the selection of the optimal food package as regards to oxygen prediction and within quality control purposes.