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Effect of Oxygen Transmission Rate of the Packages, Light and Storage Temperature on the Oxidative Stability of Extruded Oat Packed in Nitrogen Atmosphere

Larsen, Hanne; Magnus, Ellen Merethe; Wicklund, Trude

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Journal: Journal of Food Science, vol. 68, p. 1100–1107–8, 2003

Issue: 3

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0022-1147
Electronic: 1750-3841

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The effect of oxygen transmission rate of the packages (including the use of an oxygen absorber), light, and temperature on the sensory stability of extruded oat pellets packaged in nitrogen atmosphere was studied over a period of 3 mo. A realistic approach for determining the maximum limit for he headscape O-2-concentration in packages for products susceptible to oxidation was proposed. By predicting the O-2-concentration in alternative packages by the Ambient Oxygen Ingress Rate method, the packages can easily be compared to select those not exceeding the experimentally determined maximum oxygen limit in the headspace during a certain time.