Nofima reports

Fisheries and catch handling to facilitate high quality.

Nilsen, Heidi; Siikavuopio, Sten Ivar; Joensen, Sjurdur; Martinsen, Gustav; Tobiassen, Torbjørn I; Ageeva, Tatiana N; Hustad, Anette

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 43/2020

Number of pages: 18

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-660-3

Open Access: none


Research on seafood quality is a key area of Nofima, and an important issue to orient the industry for the future. This report summarizes Nofima’s activities supported by The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries' research funds during 2019, focusing fisheries and seafood handling practice facilitating good quality.