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Aquaculture management 2030 – A scientific summary report

Robertsen, Roy; Mikkelsen, Eirik; Karlsen, Kine Mari; Solås, Ann-Magnhild; Hersoug, Bjørn; Tveterås, Ragnar; Misund, Bård; Dahl, Irene Vanja; Osmundsen, Tonje Cecilie; Sørgård, Bjørn

Publication details

Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 46/2020

Number of pages: 31

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-663-4

Open Access: none


The research project has dealt with four specific areas: production models, area use, cooperation and scenarios for management towards 2030. The production models have demonstrated the benefits of increased cooperation between aquaculture farmers, while pointing to the need for improved management of bio-security and environmental effects. There is at present no need for regulation of total production. Time constraints and special environmental regulations on behalf of municipalities are not recommended. There are no realistic alternatives to increased inter-municipality planning of the coastal areas. Increased cooperation in terms of environmental sustainability should ideally be voluntary. Four different scenarios have been developed, showing the possible development of the industry towards 2030.