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Everything on shore

Svorken, Marianne; Høgstad, Maria Alfredsen; Esaiassen, Margrethe; Nøstvold, Bjørg Helen

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Journal: Økonomisk fiskeriforskning: Ledelse, marked, økonomi, vol. 30, p. 1–14, 2020

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0803-6799
Electronic: 1891-0998

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In this article we investigate why a large proportion of Norwegian cod trawlers do not take care of the residuals from their fishery. Possible explanatory variables and solutions are discussed through a qual-itative approach supplemented with numerical analyzes from the landing statistics. Our results show that safeguarding residuals is associated with increased costs and a market with low willingness to pay. Technology appears to be important for future developments, while the fleet structure makes load capacity and time scarcity factors. Implications, both managerial and theoretical, are discussed in the end section.