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The fresh fish scheme and the quota bonus for catch based aquaculture: An evaluation

Hermansen, Øystein; Isaksen, John Roald; Dreyer, Bent Magne

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 27/2017

Number of pages: 86

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Printed: 978-82-8296-525-5

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This study investigates aspects concerning two quota incentive schemes in Norway. To promote off-season fishing and supply of fresh fish to the markets and processing industry, vessels are granted a bonus quota for the most valuable species, cod. Another scheme is applied to promote capture-based aquaculture of cod, where live cod landings are granted a rebate when deducted from the vessel quota. Each ton of cod stored alive counts as half a ton against the quota. The scheme is intended to have a limited duration and can be considered a support for innovative use of the cod resource.