Hydrodynamic Study of a Continuous Large Volume Sorting and Concentration Technology for Particles and Cells in Micrometre Range

Tran, Nhut; Karlsen, Frank; Terjesen, Bendik Fyhn

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Pages: 5

Year: 2017

Open Access: none


Part of: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference of Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer (Avestia Publishing, 2017)

This paper presents the design of continuous sorting and concentration unit that can be used for particles or cells in the large volume of sea, waste, or fresh water. With the optimized profile of ellipse in combination with array of shield-like micropillars, efficiency of continuous sorting and concentration unit was examined by theoretical methods including Finite Element Method (FEM). With software (COMSOL 5.2) for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), we simulated unit in a laminar flow regime. Numerical results illustrate that the high velocity region which can be obtained along two side of unit and the penetration channels.