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Rapport/Report 60/2016 - English summary

Isaksen, John Roald; Svorken, Marianne; Dreyer, Bent Magne

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 60/2016

Number of pages: 53

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-460-9

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In this report we focus on “fjord lines” – a regulatory scheme originally introduced in order to protect coastal cod from too high fishing pressure – and how they impact on different actors in fisheries industry. We study two distinct cases where this form of regulation is employed: the seine fishery for saithe in Varanger (East Finnmark) and exemption for the seine fishery for herring in North of Nordland and in Troms in the period September¬–April.

Our analysis highlights the differences between these “fjord line” cases and develop a model well suited for studying area regulations in general, and their impact for environmental, economic and social sustainability.