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Rapport/Report 38/2016 – English summary

Helland, Synnøve

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 38/2016

Number of pages: 8

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-418-0

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Identification of salmon at the individual level, commonly used in research and breeding programs, currently uses PIT-tags. These small marks are injected into the abdominal cavity. In this pilot project iris scanning was tested against PIT tags as a method for identification of individuals. Iris scanning does not require intervention in the fish and it leaves no foreign material. The pilot project is a first step in a "proof of concept" for iris scanning as a method for identification of salmon at the individual level.

A total of 100 fish were identified with both PIT-tag and iris scanning, that is they were given the same ID number. In addition, eight fish were PIT-tagged but without ID in the iris database. The fish were tested for recognition with iris scanner with reference to the PIT-tag database. With the exception of one fish that was once identified erroneously (another individual), the fish were either correctly identified or identified as unknown. The pilot project was not an unqualified success. The method is, however, considered promising since there are clear possibilities for improvements in both the equipment per se and in the use of this.

The report covers several improvement factors that must be in place in any future work on "proof of concept".