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Rapport/Report 28/2016 – English summary

Lorentzen, Grete; Heide, Morten; Tobiassen, Torbjørn I; Ageeva, Tatiana N

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 28/2016

Number of pages: 39

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Printed: 978-82-8296-398-5

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Shelf life of cod fillets have been studied in this project. Initially, temperature of the fish was studied during processing, distribution and display in supermarkets in Hamburg, Germany and in Tromsø, Norway. Secondly, shelf life experiments were performed imitating temperature profiles observed in the first step. In addition, shelf life at other relevant temperature profiles were studied. To have a shelf life of 12 days, storage at maximum 0 ⁰C is required. In case of temperatures above 0 ⁰C, the shelf life is less. Parameters defining the shelf life limit in this study have been off-odour using a trained panel and level of totale volatile basic nitrogen (TVN).