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Effect of modified atmosphere packaging on sensory quality, chemical parameters and shelf life of carrot roots (Daucus carota L.) stored at chilled and abusive temperatures

Larsen, Hanne; Wold, Anne-Berit

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Journal: Postharvest Biology and Technology, vol. 114, p. 76–85, 2016

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0925-5214
Electronic: 1873-2356

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The influence of short-term storage in air atmosphere and modified atmosphere (MA) conditions
obtained by different
film perforations and storage conditions on carrot root quality was studied. The
carrots were stored at temperature conditions simulating the commercial distribution chain. The quality
was evaluated using chemical analyses, descriptive sensory analyses and evaluation of decay at the end of
storage. One kilogram of carrots were packaged at a commercial packing house in pouches with (1) 13
laser perforations, (2) 11 warm needle perforations and 3) approximately 560 warm needle perforations
per 10 x 10 cm (“bread pouch”).......