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Rapport/Report 18/2015 – English summary

Egeness, Finn-Arne; Heide, Morten; Honkanen, Pirjo; Sogn-Grundvåg, Geir

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 18/2015

Number of pages: 34

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-288-9

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This report describes key value chains for salmon in the South-African market. It also reveals key buying criteria for salmon within the key links of the value chain. Findings shows that price, quality, fish size, sustainability and consistent supply/quality are the most important buying criteria. Price and quality are by far the most important criterias along the value chain. Frozen salmon has the fastest growth in the market due to the high price for fresh airborn salmon and weak local currency. Frozen salmon are increasingly used for for value added products such as smoked salmon. In addtion it seems that frozen salmon is increasingly being used for sushi. Whole salmon is the main product imported to South-Africa and this is not likely to change significantly the next few years. This is so because of very low labour costs in South-Africa and because whole salmon provides more flexibility and better profitability in production and for sushi. Both retailers and restaurants are concerned about sustainability, in particular for the future, but their willingness to pay the extra costs involved seem low.