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Rapport/Report 26/2006 English summary

Esaiassen, Margrethe; Akse, Leif; Joensen, Sjurdur; Midling, Kjell Øyvind; Tobiassen, Torbjørn I; Wilhelmsen, Kjetil; Aas, Kåre

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Publisher: Nofima AS (tidligere Fiskeriforskning)

Issue: 26/2006

Number of pages: 17

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-7251-603-0

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Farmed cod were starved from medio September to medio January. The gastric evacuation rate and changes in weight, length and condition-factor, as well as weight of liver and gonads were followed. Sensory profiling and analyses of water-content and water-holding capacity of the muscle was performed in order to assess if starvation caused changes in muscle quality.