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Rapport/Report 12/2015 English summary

Dreyer, Bent Magne; Holm, Petter; Henriksen, Edgar

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 12/2015

Number of pages: 13

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Printed: 978-82-8296-276-6

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Work Package 1 - Political and institutional social bonds - was the activity in the program that got the most attention in the startup phase in 2011. The purpose was to clarify the existing political framework - and the historical intentions underlying these. The knowledge developed in this work package was to form the basis for the activities of the other work packages. Hence, the program description envisaged that it should be terminated earlier than the other work packages.

The results of the work package indicates that if the purpose of the politics is to create a competitive industry based on landings of groundfish, biological and economic sustainability must be a priority. A greater freedom of economic organization is one of the recommendations. However, closure of the commons has resulted in fishing rights have, perhaps unintentionally, become very valuable and created winners and losers. The distributional effects in favor a privileged small group, has raised increasingly stronger questions about legitimacy in how resources are allocated.