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Assessment of the action spectrum for photooxidation in full fat bovine milk

Wold, Jens Petter; Skaret, Josefine; Dalsgaard, Trine Kastrup

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Journal: Food Chemistry, vol. 179, p. 68–75, 2015

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0308-8146
Electronic: 1873-7072

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The action spectrum for photooxidation in full fat bovine milk was measured. Samples of milk with air or argon in headspace were exposed to narrow wavelength bands of light in the range 400–700 nm. Photooxidation in terms of off-flavors was measured by a sensory panel, volatile compounds by headspace solid phase micro extraction (SPME–GC–MS), and photobleaching of photosensitizers in milk (riboflavin, protoporphyrin IX and a chlorophyllic compound) by front face fluorescence spectroscopy. The action spectrum deviated significantly from the absorption spectrum of milk. Significant oxidation was induced by wavelengths around 400 nm and 500–650 nm in milk with air in headspace. Argon in headspace gave significant oxidation also at 700 nm. It is suggested that protoporphyrin IX and chlorophyll are responsible for oxidation induced by wavelengths >500 nm, and that also riboflavin is contributing from 400 to 500 nm.