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Rapport/Report 31/2008 English summary

Midling, Kjell Øyvind; Evensen, Tor Hatten; Kristiansen, Frank

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 31/2008

Number of pages: 19

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-7251-662-7

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Seine-net caught haddock has been evaluated as a candidate for capture-based aquaculture. Damages and exhaustion caused by the gear and the bagging led to low blood- and muscle pH, high glucose and lactate levels and an instant mortality of 10 %. The specific oxygen consumption is described and is similar to the cod’s. Restitution is slow and it will take several days until homeostasis. pH post mortem and rigor mortis is described for haddock killed immediately post catch and after 12 hours live in tanks. The latter group never went into full R.m. and is likely to be less harmed by tough handling (e.g. pumping). Following trials is recommended:
1. Experiments with new methods of bagging fish from the seine-nets cod-end (i.e. Canvas bag, vacuum pumping and air-lifts).
2. Document the effect of different storage medium on quality (i.e. live, on ice and water, RSW, on is in containers and iced in boxes)
3. More attempts to catch haddock with purse-seine.