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Rapport/Report 22/2010 English summary

Jørpeland, Gaute; Roth, Bjørn

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 22/2010

Number of pages: 4

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Printed: 978-82-7251-783-9

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Mechanical and manual evisceration and the subsequent effect on quality was compared to verify if the machines could replace trained personnel. The evisceration machine provides satisfactory results where none of the investigated fish (n=125) had accidental cuts into the carcass. However the machine,, although minor, had significant higher proportion of cut injuries slitting the gallbladder and liver. The fishes orientation is important in this case, since, unlike manual gutting the fish is oriented with the bellow downward during evisceration. This prevents the abdomen becoming contaminated. No difference was observed on damages to the gonads, We conclude that mechanical evisceration is a good alternative to manual providing no additions problems to the meat quality.