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Rapport/Report 42/2014 English summary

Nilsen, Heidi; Esaiassen, Margrethe; Østli, Jens; Nøstvold, Bjørg Helen; Pleym, Ingelinn Eskildsen; Reynisson, Eyjólfur; Skjelvareid, Martin Hansen; Heia, Karsten

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 42/2014

Number of pages: 13

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-234-6

Open Access: green


This project is the first phase in a project aiming to develop applicable and user-friendly tools for quality evaluation of fresh fish. Measuring the quality of fresh fish is a challenging task as it comprises the simultaneous assessment and evaluation of several parameters. Consumers, retailers, and control authorities are all eager to have an objective and feasible way to evaluate fish quality and be assured that the quality is at an acceptably wholesome level.

In this project we have focused the development of sensory evaluation according to a defined score sheet and spectroscopic freshness evaluation. In addition methodology for measuring Photobacterium phosphoreum has been adjusted as a possible reference tool.

A small scale consumer test was performed to evaluate at what level consumers reject the fish due to quality issues. Simultaneously the sensory evaluation sheet and the spectroscopic tool were used to assess the quality of the fish. The possibility of correlating the objective tools to the consumer behavior is promising; however this should be verified in a large-scale consumer study in a following project.