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Rapport/Report 14/2011 English summary

Henriksen, Edgar

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Publisher: Nofima AS

Issue: 14/2011

Number of pages: 24

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-7251-867-6

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This project has investigated under what conditions an autoline system is rational and profitable in the Norwegian coastal fishing fleet. Our findings in based on studying the autoline system onboard “Saga K”- a 10,95m vessel equipped with a 13 000 hooks, and “Åsta B”, a 14,99m vessel equipped with 21.500 hooks - is that the combination is very profitable when the free haddock fishery is exploited. However, to benefit from the lucrative winter fishery, it probably is rational to invest in higher cod quotas. With sufficient cod quotas the yearly catch capacity is as high as minimum 1000 tones for the biggest vessel.

We also conclude that the a 14,99m vessel is more rational to combine with autoline system than a 10,95m vessel due to better utilization of the systems catch efficiency.