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Tagging: on the use of passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags for the identification of fish

Mahapatra, Kanta Das; Gjerde, Bjarne; Reddy, Padala V.G.K.; Sahoo, M.; Jana, R.; Saha, Jana N.; Rye, Morten

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Journal: Aquaculture Research, vol. 32, p. 47–50, 2001

Issue: 1

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 1355-557X
Electronic: 1365-2109

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To determine the efficacy of passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags for marking rohu Labeo rohita (Ham.) in the selective breeding programme, a series of experiments has been carried out at the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture (CIFA) under the Indo-Norwegian project of 'Selective breeding of rohu'. Six groups of rohu fingerlings with weight ranging from 2 g to 20 g were tagged with PIT tags to determine a suitable size range for tagging. Fingerlings weighing 8-15 g were found to be quite suitable for tagging with a PIT tag. Recovery of the PIT tag depends upon the survival of tagged fish under field conditions. Rejection of the PIT tag by rohu was observed to be only 0.05%. Through effective management practice, the survival of tagged fish increased up to 95%, and thus tag loss was minimized.