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Consumer discrimination of rancidity in pork loin chops and pork sausages

Bryhni, Eli Arnkværn; Hunt, M.C.; Ofstad, Ragni

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Journal: Journal of Food Science, vol. 67, p. 3469–3475, 2002

Issue: 9

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0022-1147
Electronic: 1750-3841

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To determine if consumers could discriminate samples differing in rancidity, 2 experiments were conducted with freezer-stored pork loin chops (M. longissimus dorst) and sausages made from pigs fed diets varying in fatty acid composition. Samples were categorized as "normal" and "rancid" using Principal Component Analysis of data from trained sensory panel evaluations. These samples were presented to 2 consumer panels (n = 206 and n = 213). Rancidity did influence consumer preference. Consumers were able to discriminate between "normal" and "rancid" sausage, and preferred "normal." No differences (P > 0.05) in preference or flavor were detected between the chop groups.