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Antioxidative properties of commercial fruit/berry preparations and stability of bilberry and black currant extracts in milk products

Skrede, Grete; Larsen, Vibeke Bryhn; Aaby, Kjersti; Jørgensen, A. Skivik; Birkeland, Stein-Erik

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Journal: Journal of Food Science, vol. 69, p. 351–356, 2004

Issue: 9

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0022-1147
Electronic: 1750-3841

Open Access: none

Nineteen commercial fruit preparations were analyzed for antioxidant capacity (anti-radical power [ARP] and oxygen radical absorbance capacity [ORAC]). ARP and ORAC values of blends with 13% (w/w) bilberry and black currant extract in low-fat milk or low-fat fermented milk were assessed. Antioxidant capacity in 13% berry/fermented milk blends packed in glass or cardboard cartridges and stored for 3 wk in the dark or under fluorescent light was determined. ARP and ORAC values of most fruit preparations greatly exceeded those of plain milk. Milk blends with berry extract increased ARP values 5-fold to 13-fold and ORAC values by 40% to 100%. Packaging material, illumination, and storage period had no consistent effects on antioxidant capacity.