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Feeding Saithe fillet or a formulated moist feed to the Brown crab Cancer pagurus: Effects on yield, composition and sensory quality of medium filled captured crabs

Berge, Gerd Marit; Woll, Astrid Kari

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Journal: Aquaculture, vol. 258, p. 496–502, 2006

Publisher: Elsevier

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0044-8486
Electronic: 1873-5622

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A feeding experiment was carried out, using Norwegian Brown crab (Cancerpagurus) with a mean carapace width of 154 mm. A number of 30-32 crabs were stocked in each of eight I in 2 fibreglass tanks. The crabs were fed two diets, chopped Saithe fillet or a Saithe based moist diet, and each diet was offered to 4 replicate groups of crabs during the 24-day experimental period. A reference group of 30 unfed crabs were killed, boiled and frozen at start of the experiment. Subjective and objective quality parameters were recorded from the reference group and from the fed groups at termination of the experiment. Specimens from both feeding groups were tested by a consumer panel, in order to study effects on sensory quality. Both diets improved total impression of the crab, colour appearance of the hepatopancreas, and gonad dry weight. Lipid content in hepatopancreas was increased in both fed groups compared to the reference group while lipid content of gonads was reduced. Protein content of gonads was increased in the fed groups. The consumer panel evaluated crabs from both feeding groups to be of medium to good quality, with no dietary differences. (c) 2006 Published by Elsevier B.V.