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Can theoretical knowledge and application yield competitive advantage?

Grønhaug, Kjell; Sogn-Grundvåg, Geir

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Journal: Marketing Intelligence & Planning, vol. 25, p. 232–240, 2007

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Issue: 3

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0263-4503
Electronic: 1758-8049

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Purpose – Given that marketing practitioners often perceive theory as something abstract, with little
relevance to their work, the objective is to explain why and how competent application of theory can be
highly useful and even lead to competitive advantage.
Design/methodology/approach – Conceptualisation and personal interpretation, with real-world
case examples.
Findings – Knowledge of relevant theoretical principles, if combined with thorough contextual
knowledge and applied in a competent manner, can lead to competitive advantage based on better
judgement and decisions.
Originality/value – The arguments and conclusions presented in the paper improve understanding
of the potentially vital role of theory in practice, and provide a credible alternative to the common
misperception that theory is of little value to the practitioner.
Keywords Marketing, Experience, Competitive advantage
Paper type Viewpoint