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Rapport/Report 21/2014 English summary

Pedersen, Mona Elisabeth; Vuong, Tram Thu; Østbye, Tone-Kari K.; Veiseth-Kent, Eva; Larsson, Thomas; Hollung, Kristin; Kolset, Svein Olav; Rønning, Sissel

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Publisher: Nofima

Issue: 21/2014

Number of pages: 20

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-190-5

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An experiment has been conducted to study how pinbones are attached to the muscle, what components are present, and how these are degraded. The results show that there are major differences between salmon and cod. When developing methods for automatic removal of bones it is important to take this into consideration. Another major finding was that the enzyme profiles and connective tissue composition around the pinbones differed from the profile in the muscle tissue. This allows us to optimise the process of bone loosening with minimal effects on muscle tissue texture, and thus reduced fillet damage. Fish processing and treatment affects enzyme activity, and knowledge on how this can be utilized for improved pinbone releasing is an interesting approach that merits further studies.