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Rapport/Report 13/2014 English summary

Skåra, Torstein; Stormo, Svein Kristian; Carlehøg, Mats; Lea, Per; Gildberg, Asbjørn; Jessen, Flemming; Nielsen, Henrik Hauch

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Publisher: Nofima

Issue: 13/2014

Number of pages: 28

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 978-82-8296-174-5

Open Access: green


This report describes laboratory scale trials with salting of herring; both traditional matjessalting of gibbed herring, as well as salting of gutted herring and fillets in brine with added intestines.

Samples from the trials were subjected to sensory analysis and compared to traditional matjes herring. Furthermore measurements of enzymatic activity were performed, and also, for some samples, measurement of changes in the protein fraction by the use of 2-D electrophoresis.

The results reveal interesting effects of the different process parameters on the different product characteristics of lightly salted herring.