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Classification trees in consumer studies for combining both product attributes and consumer preferences with additional consumer characteristics

Romano, Rosaria; Davino, Cristina; Næs, Tormod

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Journal: Food Quality and Preference, vol. 33, p. 27–36, 2014

Publisher: Elsevier

International Standard Numbers:
Printed: 0950-3293
Electronic: 1873-6343

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The main objective of this paper is to describe and discuss the use of classification trees in consumer
studies. Focus will be given to the use of the method in relating segments of consumers, based on their
acceptance pattern, to additional consumer characteristics, including attitudes, habits and demographics
variables. Advantages of the method in handling typical issues from consumer studies will be discussed.
Primary interest will be given to the validation of the results, which will also be compared with results
from alternative methods widely used in consumer studies. The approach will then be illustrated by
using data from a conjoint study of apple juice.