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Mapping of a quantitative trait locus for resistance against infectious salmon anaemia in Atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar): comparing survival analysis with analysis on affected/resistant data

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BMC Genetics ; Volume 8. p. 13 2007

Moen, Thomas; Sonesson, Anna Kristina; Hayes, Ben J.; Lien, Sigbjørn; Munck, Hege; Meuwissen, Theo

Conclusion: A QTL for resistance to Infectious Salmon Anaemia in Atlantic salmon was validated in this study, and its more precise location on linkage group eight was determined. The QTL explained 6% of the phenotypic variation in resistance to the disease. The linkage group also displayed significant segregation distortion. Survival models proved in this case not to be more suitable than models based on the dichotomous trait ‘affected/resistant’ for analysing the data.

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