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Changes in the proteome pattern during grain development of cereals

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Kjetil Aune

Chief Librarian

1st Workshop on TritiGen COST Action FA0604 Triticeae genomics for the advancement of essential European crops; Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, 2007-10-01–2007-10-03

Moldestad, Anette; Færgestad, Ellen Mosleth; Sahlstrøm, Stefan; Hollung, Kristin; Uhlen, Anne Kjersti

A study of changes in barley proteome during grain-filling performed by 2D electrophoresis is presented with the use of Pixel based analysis of Multiple images for identification of Changes (PMC) followed by manual recognition of spots for a material with large batch to batch migration differences. A par of near isogenic barley lines, Betzes and Wanubet, were grown under controlled conditions and grains were harvested from 10 to 45 days after anthesis with 5 days interval. 2D electrophoresis of Tris-soluble proteins and chemical analysis were performed. The PMC approach for analysing 2D images was performed within batches and involved aligning, normalisation, unfolding to 1D pixel vectors, analysing pixel vectors by multivariate data modelling, and refolding back to the image domain for visualization and interpretation. From the refolded images the proteins changing over time were localized. From this, selected spots are subjected to further identification by MALDI-TOF.