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Proteome analysis of spring wheat reveals different responses to amount and composition of N- and S-fertiliser

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Kjetil Aune

Chief Librarian

Proteome Forum; Munchen, Germany, 2003-09-14–2003-09-17

Hollung, Kristin; Uhlen, Anne Kjersti; Færgestad, Ellen Mosleth; Magnus, Ellen Merethe

Unpredictable variation in protein quality is a major concern for the bread wheat producers and the baking industry. Sulphur (S) deficiency has become increasingly widespread in Western Europe recently, causing lower wheat yields, but also gluten quality is affected. Different soil S availability may change the proportion of S-poor to S-rich gliadins and glutenin subunits. This may cause an unpredictable and unwanted variation in wheat quality. In this study, combined effects of N and S fertiliser are investigated using FPLC and proteome analysis. The results suggest that proteome analyses by 2D-electrophoresis provide additional information about variations in protein composition due to differences in fertilisation. The results also indicate potentials of S-and N-fertilisation given as a late application in the growth period to modulate flour protein composition.