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Development of experimental apparature for determination of the solubility of carbon dioxide into foodstuffs

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Kjetil Aune

Chief Librarian

2nd Nordic FoodPack; Stavanger, Norge, 2001-09-05–2001-09-07

Sivertsvik, Morten; Sivertsvik, Morten; Vågane, Åsvald; Jeksrud, Willy K.; Rosnes, Jan Thomas; Rosnes, Jan Thomas

Carbon dioxide is the most important gas in modified atmosphere packaging due to its inhibitive effect on the growth of sereral spolage bacteria. The effect is dependent on the amount of CO2 dissloved into the products, and thus, to the initial amount og CO2 in the initial surrounding atmosphere. The solubility is also temperature dependent and slow. An isothermal constant volume cabinet has been developed to measure the rate of diffusion of CO2 into the product, and the total solubility of CO2.