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The Freshwater Institute & CtrlAQUA, Norway: A multi-year research collaboration on RAS-based Atlantic salmon production.

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RASTech 2019 Conference and Trade Fair; Washington DC, 2019-05-13–2019-05-14

Good, Chris; Summerfelt, S.; Vinci, Brian; Davidson, Thomas; May, C; Crouse, C.; Lepine, C; Redman, N; Murray, M.; Ebbesson, Lars O. E.; Handeland, Sigurd O; Nilsen, Tom Ole; Stefansson, Sigurd; Johansen, Lill-Heidi; Lazado, Carlo C.; Gorle, Jagan; Stiller, Kevin Torben; Terjesen, B. F.; Espmark, Åsa Maria Olofsdotter