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Animal board invited review: Advances in proteomics for animal and food sciences

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Kjetil Aune

Chief Librarian

Animal 2015; Volume 9. p. 1–17. 2014

Almeida, André Martinho de; Bassols, Anna; Bendixen, Emøke; Bhide, Mangesh; Ceciliani, Fabrizio; Cristobal, Susana; Eckersall, Peter David; Hollung, Kristin; Lisacek, Frédérique; Mazzucchelli, Gabriel; McLaughlin, Mark; Miller, Ingrid; Nally, Jarlath E.; Plowman, Jeffrey Ernest; Renaut, Jenny; Rodrigues, Pedro M.; Roncada, Paola; Stari?, Jože; Turk, Romana

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