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The lactic acid bacteria, the food chain, and their regulation

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Trends in Food Science & Technology ; Volume 15. p. 498–505. 2004

Wessels, Stephen; Axelsson, Lars; Hansen, Egon; de Vuyst, Luc; Laulund, Svend; Lahteenmaki, Liisa; Lindgren, Sven; Mollet, Beat; vin Wrigth, Atte

This viewpoint deals with regulatory aspects of microbial cultures added to foods, and primarily the lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The authors propose a number of key principles for future regulation of these cultures by the European Union. These principles are supported by brief reviews of LAB taxonomy, safety, and consumer perception. Then, a review is given of advantages and drawbacks of current US and EU legislation and leads to a proposal for an EU system of generic approval of cultures. The system would be based on inventories of micro-organisms with wellestablished histories of safe use.

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