Cleaning equipment like this is a challenge. Hopefully specialized robots can do more of the work. Photo: SeaSide AS

Robot cleaning

Cleaning fish processing equipment using robots

Processing Technology  

In this project we will develop robots that can perform cleaning of fish processing equipment.

Time:1. June 2015 – 31. May 2018
Financed by:The Norwegian Research Council
Commissioner:SeaSide AS
In cooperation with:SeaSide AS, Høgskulen i Ålesund, Summit Systems, M. E. Birknes AS, Lilleborg, NTNU-Sintef
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Trond Karsten Løvdal
Trond Karsten Løvdal

Phone: +47 913 12 335


Cleaning of fish processing equipment and fish slaughterhouses are at present very demanding. Cleaning takes place mostly at night, and there are operators who clean manually. The work is physically demanding, cleaning requires extensive use of chemicals and the process is costly.

The project will develop robots that can perform this work.

Robot solutions

Several robot solutions will be evaluated:

1) robots mounted directly on the respective fish processing machines

2) robots mounted in the ceiling of fish factories

3) robots that operates on mobile platforms.

One would consider using “humanoid” robots that can work together with operators in fish processing plants.


  • Identify current washing procedures
  • Define “best practice” for how fish processing equipment can be designed with a view to cleaning
  • Develop robot concepts. First for individual machines, then for whole factories
  • Optimize robotic cleaning systems and compare to manual washing / current practices in terms of hygiene, quality, energy consumption, cost, time
  • Develop guidelines for industrialization of robot washing of fish processing equipment and fish slaughterhouses
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