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Our goal is for everyone to be able to eat good and healthy food - whatever their circumstances in life.

Time:1. January 2018 – 1. January 2021
Financed by:Nofima
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Portrettbilde av Helge Bergslien
Helge Bergslien

Senior Adviser
Phone: +47 450 15 280

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Portrettbilde av Øydis Ueland
Øydis Ueland

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 996 07 621

What is the right food for you?

Everyone should be able to eat good and healthy food.

Personalized Food is Nofima’s strategic programme for customized food and gastronomy.

Which foods are right to eat is a matter of individual needs and preferences. Most adults can adjust what they eat to ensure that they have a healthy and varied diet. However, some people need food with a higher content of certain nutrients, while others need food that does not contain too much sugar, salt or substances that can trigger allergic reactions or other discomforts. The common denominator is that all kinds of food affect our quality of life. If we can contribute to the development of foods that suit the individual, we will be able to make food more enjoyable, and improve the nutritional status and health of different groups of consumers. The right food for the right person will help in preventing disease and thereby reduce public spending.

Competence from Nofima will be used and further developed to help industrial partners to meet consumers demands with new products and meals solutions.

Increasing need  for customized food

Consumers are increasingly focused on nutrient content, healthiness, quality and taste. This augments the need for customized food for different consumer groups in various phases in life.

Among the elderly, reduced appetite and interest in food can be explained by changes in physiology, health and social circumstances. The proportion of elderly people in the population is increasing, while the availability of customized food in stores is small or totally lacking. There is considerable market potential in being able to offer appetising food products with an optimal nutritional content. Such food products can help to prevent malnutrition.

Obesity is a major health concern that can be met with customized food and meal solutions. A large proportion of the population experiences how allergies or food intolerance present challenges and provide a need for customized food.

An individual’s food choice and consumption often reflect his or her social status. This leads to a demand for specialized foods also among people with no health-related food restrictions.

To be able to meet consumers’ wishes and needs, new distribution channels must be developed, together with new food products and meal services.

Strong research team

Nofima has assembled a strong team of researchers with longstanding experience and expertise in different aspects of food production.

Several areas within the research field of personalized food remain unexplored, and we wish to address this by coordinating and utilizing our multidisciplinary expertise.

In Personalized Food, we will coordinate and strengthen the research already taking place in research projects, and use our knowledge to establish new projects. We will strengthen our interdisciplinary networks and ensure a better understanding of the relation between needs in the market and knowledge of raw materials, production processes, packaging, products and consumer and sensory science. Last, but not least, this focus will draw on gastronomic knowledge in terms of product, process and how the food is experienced.

In addition to our wide-ranging research expertise, our sensory panel, laboratories and other infrastructure allow us to rapidly explore a wide range of issues and opportunities within customized food.


We will prioritize thematically and in line with the industry’s need for knowledge. This will strengthen Nofima’s expertise within the field of customized food in a way that makes us an attractive partner for industries and international R&D.

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