Scientist Tor-Arne Krakeli at Nofima's BioLab.
Scientist Tor-Arne Krakeli at Nofima's BioLab. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen © Nofima


Nofima is involved at any moment in several hundred projects, from long-term industrially targeted fundamental research to short innovation projects, where the results are immediately put to use. A few of our projects are presented here. Could you benefit from Nofima’s expertise? Contact us to find out.




With the use of modern, research-based process technology and expertise, unused or under utilized biomass of marine or terrestrial origin can be used for new, marketable products. We coordinate, …

1. January 2016 – 31. December 2022

Researchers: Ragnhild Dragøy, Nils Kristian Afseth

Commissioner: Nofima

Strategic initiative

SFI Harvest

The vision of SFI Harvest: Pioneering the lower-trophic fisheries – Innovations to unlock the blue bioeconomic potential.

20. August 2020 – 31. December 2028

Researchers: Bent Magne Dreyer, Ragnhild Dragøy

Commissioner: The Research Council of Norway

SUREAQUA Nordic Centre of Excellence

The Nordic Centre of Excellence for sustainable and resilient aquatic production (SUREAQUA) was established in 2017 to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration across the Nordic bioeconomy …

1. January 2017 – 31. December 2021

Commissioner: Nordforsk

Sustainable afteruse of lumpfish

The main objective with the project is to provide the knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable exploitation of farmed lumpfish.

1. April 2020 – 1. April 2023

Researcher: Gøril Voldnes

Commissioner: The Research Council of Norway

Strategic initiative


2. January 2019 – 31. December 2021

Researcher: Dagbjørn Skipnes

Commissioner: Nofima