Scientist Tor-Arne Krakeli at Nofima's BioLab.
Scientist Tor-Arne Krakeli at Nofima's BioLab. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen © Nofima


Nofima is involved at any moment in several hundred projects, from long-term industrially targeted fundamental research to short innovation projects, where the results are immediately put to use. A few of our projects are presented here. Could you benefit from Nofima’s expertise? Contact us to find out.



Strategic initiative


The main goal of the strategic research program FoodMicro-Pack is to contribute to production and offering of safe and durable food, optimal packaging concepts and reduced food waste in the Norwegian …

1. January 2017 – 31. December 2020

Researcher: Cathrine Finne Kure

Commissioner: Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products (FFL)


The aim of the project is to develop a test system for choosing the right packaging for fruits, berries and vegetables.

1. January 2020 – 31. March 2022

Researcher: Hanne Larsen

Commissioner: Agricultural Agreement Research Funds (FJM), Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products (FFL)


Primary objective in MycoSafeBread is to optimize bread products tailored for young children, with an absolute minimum of the mycotoxin DON.

1. July 2020 – 30. June 2023

Researcher: Ida Rud

Commissioner: The Research Council of Norway


The salmon industry aims for producing smoked salmon with reduced levels of salt (NaCl).

1. January 2020 – 30. June 2021

Researcher: Even Heir

Commissioner: The Norwegian Seafood Research Fund - FHF

Strategic initiative


Packtech aims to develop next generation sustainable packaging solutions through the design of green and optimal packaging solutions that ensure high food quality and reduce the amount of plastic …

1. August 2019 – 1. August 2022

Researcher: Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen

Commissioner: Nofima


The objective of the «PathoSeq» project is to prepare Norwegian food industry for the challenges and possibilities of using modern DNA sequencing technologies for surveillance and control of …

1. April 2019 – 31. March 2023

Researcher: Annette Fagerlund

Commissioner: The Research Council of Norway


The overall objective of SafeConsume is to Reduce health burden from foodborne illnesses. The ambition is to initiate a new and broader approach in future research, innovation, education and …

1. May 2017 – 30. April 2022

Researcher: Solveig Langsrud

Commissioner: EU - Horizon 2020