Scientist Tor-Arne Krakeli at Nofima's BioLab.
Scientist Tor-Arne Krakeli at Nofima's BioLab. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen © Nofima


Nofima is involved at any moment in several hundred projects, from long-term industrially targeted fundamental research to short innovation projects, where the results are immediately put to use. A few of our projects are presented here. Could you benefit from Nofima’s expertise? Contact us to find out.



Children and taste

There is a large potential for a better health in the population by improving diet and dietary behavior. It's particularly important to facilitate a healthy and varied diet for children and teenagers.

1. January 2014 – 31. December 2017

Researchers: Paula Varela-Tomasco, Valérie Lengard Almli

Commissioner: Foundation for Research Levy on Agricultural Products (FFL)


Reducing food waste is high on national and European political agendas. COSUS contributes by targeting the consumer with strategies that will encourage consumers to accept suboptimal foods.

1. June 2014 – 31. May 2017

Commissioner: EU - ERA-Net Cofund


The project aims at developing innovative products and solutions to make it easier for elderly people to achieve a healthy diet.

1. April 2017 – 31. March 2020

Researchers: Øydis Ueland, Ida Synnøve Bårvåg Grini

Commissioner: The Research Council of Norway


NEFOMET aims to develop a new methodology able provide more reliable information of consumer acceptance of new food technologies in real market buying situations.

1. March 2014 – 28. February 2018

Commissioner: EU - FP7

Seafood quality

This project aims to acquire new knowledge on quality challenges in the mackerel and salmon value chains.

1. March 2015 – 28. February 2019

Researcher: Kine Mari Karlsen

Commissioner: Nofima