Hva kan rognkjeks brukes til når den ikke lenger spiser lus i oppdrettsmerdene?
What can lumpfish be used for after it is done eating lice in the sea cages? This research project aims to find out. Illustration: Oddvar Dahl © Nofima

Sustainable afteruse of lumpfish


 Marine biotechnology  

The main objective with the project is to provide the knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable exploitation of farmed lumpfish.

Time:1. April 2020 – 1. April 2023
In cooperation with:Akvaplan-niva, Nha Trang University, Lerøy Aurora AS, Ryfylke Rensefisk AS, Nordøy Sea AS
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Gøril Voldnes
Gøril Voldnes

Phone: +47 926 40 722

Millions of lumpfish are being farmed in Norway every year for the sole purpose of eating lice from salom in the aquaculture industry.

The lumpfish stops eating lice when it reaches maturity at about 18 months. It is then important to find alternative use for this valuable recource after its lice eating period to exploit lumpfish in a sustainable manner.

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