Konsortiet som jobber sammen i SUREAQUA - Nordic Centre of Excellence.
SUREAQUA Consortium.


Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Aquatic Production

This Nordic Centre of Excellence will develop knowledge and solutions for sustainable and resilient aquaculture production as a part of the blue bioeconomy, with a cross-disciplinary focus.

Time:1. January 2017 – 31. December 2021
Financed by: Nordforsk
In cooperation with:Project leader NORCE and 40 nordic partners
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Jelena Kolarevic
Jelena Kolarevic

Phone: +47 900 97 335

SUREAQUA is a Nordic Centre of Excellence, lead by Norce. Nofima has a central role among the more than 40 partners in the centre.

The Centre is organised into four themes:

  • Technology and Biorefinery
  • Environmental Quality and Sustainability
  • Social and Economic Sustainability
  • Governance and Communication

Nofima leads the work on social and economic sustainability. Nofima also has an active role in the area of novel feed ingredients from sustainable sources, the use of by-products and waste to create high value products, and novel production technologies and multi trophic aquaculture production.

Nofima will engage two post-doctorates in the Centre, both related to macroalgea. Xinxin Wang is focusing on production optimisation of macroalage in northern Norway. The other post-doctorate will be engaged in 2020, and focus on social science research on macroalgea.

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