Over almost 40 years, Nofima has built up a strong scientific community in the field of spectroscopy. Photo: Marius Fiskum


Rapid, non-destructive measurements to enable process optimization

Over almost 40 years, Nofima has built up a strong scientific community in the field of spectroscopy - rapid and non-destructive measurements for process optimization. We possess solid expertise within an international format and a modern instrument platform, which is unique in Norway and comparable to the best in Europe. We wish to develop this further by means of establishing the strategic research initiative Spectec.

Time:9. February 2017 – 31. December 2022
Financed by: Nofima AS
Commissioner:Nofima AS
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Karsten Heia
Karsten Heia

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 412 12 127

Contact person
Portrettbilde av Jens Petter Wold
Jens Petter Wold

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 959 79 749

Nofima Strategic Research Initiatives

With a view to provide business with the expertise they need to deliver top-quality products, Nofima is developing world-class research in selected areas. Spectroskopy is one such area, and trough the Spectec project, a Strategic Research Initiative, scientist are working to improve and develop new and better rapid measuring methods using light.

Spectec’s objectives

The Spectec effort’s goal is to coordinate, develop and promote Nofima’s expertise in rapid and non-destructive measurements for process optimization, so that we contribute to relevant and good scientific production and ongoing innovation in the food industry.

The central objective is, and has been, to engage in long-term research and development in methodology for quality measurements of food and feed, and methods for effective process modelling and management based on these measurements.

By means of the initiative, Nofima will ensure the interplay among research quality, relevance, development, innovation and skills development.


During the last 15 years, the specialist group in the field of spectroscopy has been very active with a series of innovation projects and missions for the industry in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture, seafood, meat, vegetables, dairy and residual raw materials from different industries. Several of the solutions we have developed have been implemented and commercialized in close cooperation with equipment suppliers and others.

The interest and demand from industry is growing because this type of technology and methodology is decisive to solving some of its most prominent challenges. To achieve a stable and appropriate product quality, it is necessary that there is optimal use of raw materials, minimal wastage and that food production is profitable and sustainable. This area is prioritized as strategically important by the funding authorities nationally and in the EU.

An important prerequisite for our strong position in this area is Nofima’s supporting expertise in other disciplines with respect to raw material quality, analytical chemistry and processing in all food sectors. The specialist group has a tradition of close multidisciplinary collaboration throughout Nofima. Our infrastructure of process halls also clears the way to facilitate this effort.

Senior scientist Jens Petter Wold heads the Spectec initiative in Nofima. Photo: Jon-Are Berg-Jacobsen © Nofima

Project Description

Senior scientist Karsten Heia. Photo: Marius Fiskum © Nofima

With the strategic research initiatives, there is a goal to achieve the best possible utilization of expertise and equipment across the premises – for the benefit of the industries we work with.

One of the goals of the initiative is greater visibility, nationally and internationally. This is important to create networks and good relationships to other specialist communities. It is also important to maintain close contact with the industry in Norway to disseminate our expertise, so that there can be new and good collaboration and projects.

Participation at national and international conferences and trade days, scientific publication in reputable channels, popular science publications and visits to the relevant companies to learn more and discuss issues, are among the scheduled activities during the first three years of the efforts.


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