RECY-FOOD-PACK will develop a comprehensive knowledge platform for safe food packaging from recycled plastic. Photo/cc: Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen/Nofima


Recycled plastics for Food Contact Packaging

 Food safety and quality  

RECY-FOOD-PACK aims to safeguard food safety and quality, while developing innovative plastic packaging systems that increase the use of recycled plastic and contribute to achieving Norway’s circular economy target

Time:1. April 2021 – 31. December 2023
Financed by: Agricultural Agreement Research Funds
In cooperation with:Norner, Norsus, Bama gruppen AS, Bewi AS, Mills DA, Skanem, Tomra Systems ASA
Contact person
Portrettbilde av Marit Kvalvåg Pettersen

Primary objective:

The RECY-FOOD-PACK project will develop a comprehensive knowledge platform for sustainable and safe food packaging materials based on Norwegian post-consumer plastic waste streams

Secondary objectives

1: Recommendation for food packaging which preserve food safety and quality

2: Feasibility of Norwegian closed loop recycling for food packaging demonstrated

3: Recycled food packaging system with a functional barrier demonstrated

4: Applicability of recycled packaging with respect to food safety, shelf life and quality verified

5: General and specific knowledge in LCA for food packaging case systems using recycled plastics developed

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