Hvilke faktorer påvirker kvaliteten på makrellfileten? Forskerne Izumi Sone og Torstein Skåra skal finne svar sammen med Pelagia.
What affects the quality of mackerel fillets? Researchers Izumi Sone and Torstein Skåra will find answers together with industry partner Pelagia. Photo: Jan Inge Haga / Nofima


Developing and optimizing mackerel filleting

 Processing technology  

By identifying which factors affect quality of mackerel fillets, the project aims at opening processing potential for the Norwegian industry.

Time:1. April 2015 – 31. March 2017
Financed by: Regional Research Funds of Norway, West
In cooperation with:Pelagia

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Contact person
Portrettbilde av Torstein Skåra
Torstein Skåra

Senior Scientist
Phone: +47 450 15 281

Main objective

The main objective of the project is to optimize quality of mackerel fillets through identifying and quantifying factors affecting fillet quality and storage stability.

Subsidiary objectives

1: Documentation and characterization

  • Objectively describe quality parameters of hand-filleted products accepted by the market.
  • Systematically examine quality variations by season and final thaw temperatures at filleting.
  • Document quality changes during frozen storage.

2:   Enhance storage stability of fillet products

  • Investigate potential of glazing and process means to enhance storage stability of fillet products.
  • Document effects of glazing and process means on product quality.
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