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Identify and validate candidate genes for CMS resistance in Atlantic salmon through state-of-the-art gene editing.

SFI Harvest

Pioneering the lower-trophic fisheries – Innovations to unlock the blue bioeconomic potential.


Increasing global competition for natural resources poses major challenges to the Arctic region. These include strategically planning of fair distribution of economic gains and work opportunities, whilst simultaneously minimising the impact of ecological, social, cultural and political challenges and tensions that will arise through expansion of new businesses.

Sustainable afteruse of lumpfish

The main objective with the project is to provide the knowledge necessary to achieve sustainable exploitation of farmed lumpfish.

Digital Food Quality

Digital Food Quality (short named DigiFoods) is a centre for research-based innovation (SFI) with the purpose of developing smart sensor solutions for food quality assessment directly in the processing lines, throughout the food value chains. The obtained food quality information will be used for optimization of both processes and value chains and make the food industry more efficient and sustainable.

Showing 21–30 of 156